Da Jammies Coming Soon, Sneak Peeks on BlackTree TV

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I remember a time when I was able to sit down on saturday morning while mom’s was listening to Sade doing her weekly cleaning of the house, and I would spend my mornings watching GI Joe, The Smurf’s, and other popular cartoons at the time. Well now I am a father, and I noticed that my kids have less options than I had at their age to find good quality programming. Well that is about to change, we are proud to be a part of the launch of an animated series that is sure to change the game for a long time, BlackTree TV would like to present to you Da Jammies. From the Executive Producer of The Proud Family, Wendy Wu: Princess Warrior and Moesha comes Da Jammies, a 3D animated musical sitcom that follows the lives of five diverse “tweens from the suburbs” who attend a performing arts middle school. Novelist, Dolla, MoMo, Seven and LaLa study singing, dancing and music in hopes of one day achieving their dreams of superstardom – and learn big life lessons along the way. Bringing a freesh new approach to family prgoramming, Da Jammies features hip-hop dance, music and fashion never before seen in animation. Da Jammies tackles the sometimes difficult lessons of growing up today and never loses its fun, engaging approach. Production Team Ralph Farquhar, Developed by/Executive Producer Dwayne Corbitt, Developed by/Executive Producer Aulsondro “Novelist” Hamilton, Co-Creator William “Dolla” Chapman II, Co-Creator Kathleen Zuelch, Producer Tyree Dillihay, Supervising Director Ron

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